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Intercan was founded in the UK in 1986 and has since August 2017 been a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzhou SLAC precision. Intercan specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of machinery to the Can Making industry. Initially starting to fill the role of an alternative supplier for spare parts to the industry.  Intercan quickly became a reliable option for non genuine parts. With the rise and growth of the industry more and more companies appeared to offer the same services offering many options for the can maker Intercan looked around to see how they could evolve.   In 1988 we were approached to look at a 4-colour proofing machine being used in a UK Graphics office. This was an old Wifag cup printer, which had been slightly adapted to print 4 colour beverage cans. (Different diameter mandrels etc)  Intercan was asked to consider converting the machine to enable 6-colour printing.

Intercan looked into the project and designed a way of mounting two new inker units on top of the machine to facilitate 6 colours. This was implemented and was successful. This machine is still operating on a daily basis in UK. Following this, a number of customers became interested in this technology.

Many were using production line facilities for proofing cans; which was ok when the lines were not fully loaded but very expensive when production efficiency was paramount. Others were using various methods of proofing; Including using old Rutherford 400cpm - 4 colour decorators. Some were proofing in the flat and other did 3 colours on one can and 3 on another. Only one can maker in Europe at that time could proof 6 colours. They had a Van Damm production machine for this purpose ($ 800,000+).

During the next 6 or 7 years Intercan  bought up old Wifag printers and converted them for Can proofing. During that time, we have developed many additional features.

In that time production printing of 8 colour cans has also become a reality.
This caused Intercan to look anew at the whole project. Using the technology developed over the previous 8 years we decided that a complete update of our design was required.

The machines now offered are not used, upgraded machines. They are new.

The current IPP8 is the Market leader for Print Proofing 8 colour beverage and aerosol cans and tubes and has become the industry standard for fast, efficient and high quality proofing. With an installed base of 46 machines in 23 countries and all the main names such as Ball, Ardagh, Crown and Canpack utilising the unit as part of their Graphics centres to offer their customers a better more comprehensive service.

To complement the IPP8, Intercan produces a range of can printing accessories, in particular for can cutting and plate handling. These include Can End Cutters; Slitters; Flatteners; Plate Punches, etc.

Intercan is also now through its parent company able to offer a full range of beverage and food can and end making equipment.

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